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1. Product name: Liphoscile injection
2. Specification: phosphatidylcholine 250mg
3. Package: 5 ampoules/box
4. Shelf life: 36 months

Description: Phosphatidylcholine Benefits
Improve Memory
Intestinal Health
Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Skin Health
Fat Metabolism
Liver Health
Weight Loss
Phosphatidylcholine Prevents Aging! And Other Secret Uses

Want to keep your youthful looks? Or would you rather reduce your cholesterol level and risk of heart disease? How about relieving PMS or improving your memory? Or maybe you’re worried about your liver’s health. Would you believe that just one nutritional supplement could do all of these things — and more? Believe it or not, Phosphatidylcholine, a natural substance that we already obtain through a healthy diet, can also be used as a supplement to promote health and healing throughout the entire body.

What is Phosphatidylcholine?

It’s a naturally occurring chemical which is needed throughout the human body and is gained through the diet. It’s actually one of the most critical substances in the body. Phosphatidylcholine and its successor, choline, are used in several ways:

• Transport fats for proper metabolism
• Synthesize acetylcholine for use in the brain
• Build cell membranes
• Reduce cholesterol’s ability to form deposits

How Can Phosphatidylcholine Help Me?

Taken as a nutritional supplement, this ubiquitous substance can help you maintain or regain difference aspects of your health. Bear in mind that research studies are currently being done to quantify the effectiveness of this supplement; some of these effects have been conclusively proven, while for others, the research is just starting to trickle in.

• Anti-aging

As we grow older, the amount of phosphatidylcholine in our cells tends to decrease. By making up for this loss through diet, we can boost the cellular levels and slowdown or even reverse this decline. Supplementation can help improve learning and memory, increase healthy skin elasticity, and promote optimal liver function.

Dosage recommended:
1 ampoule every week. Each ampoule divided into few portions for different part of body.

1. Get ready all the preparations for Liphoscile and L-Carnitine. Hold the ampule and make the round opening point toward your face (the opening scratch can be noticed below the round opening point), slight open the ampule.

2. It is hard to extract the liphoscile due to the high concentration liquid. When doing it on small area spot like chin area, the insulin syringes is recommended to use, however, it takes great patience to extract the liquid by an insulin syringe. When doing on the big spot such as tight, abdominal and arm areas, a 5ml syringe with light blue needle is recommended to extract the liquid and then switch to the 1ml yellow needle to do the spot injection. If a meso gun is available to use, a 5ml syringe with light blue needle is recommended to extract the liquid and then remove the needle and connect the syringe to the catheter of the meso gun.

3. Sterilize the injection spots by a cotton applicator with alcohol and use surgical skin maker to mark 1.5cm*1.5cm blocks, the center of each block is the injection spot. Use the cotton applicator with alcohol to erase the marks and leave the light mark on the skin which is obvious enough to see.

4. Wait for 2mins until the alcohol on the skin totally vaporized (very important, if the alcohol comes into the injections spot, it will cause pain though it is safe). Start injections; inject 0.5ml of Liphoscile into the center of each marked block, the needle come into half the thickness of the body fat which means if the abdominal fat thickness is 1cm, the needle need be to approximately 0.5cm in. In order to regulate the painful feeling of patients, a spread injection is recommended.

5. After injections, there will be a 3 to 5 days localized red and swollen and then with a 7 days swollen time. Results will be seen 10 to 14 days after the injections.

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Liphoscile phosphatidylcholine Injection

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