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Shiseido Purewhite EX has 180 tablets.
FOR ROSY and LUMINOUS white skin
This 100% Authentic Shiseido Purewhite EX has 180 tablets.
Never been opened nor tested. SHISEIDO PUREWHITE EX is a legitimate product of Shiseido Japan.

Difference Between Regular Purewhite and Purewhite EX
Purewhite EX contains twice as much antioxidant content. It is the improved, more potent formulation which promises the same effects and more! The old PW contains 270 tabs per bottle, with 9 tabs full dose. Purewhite EX contains 180 tabs per bottle, with a full dose of 6 tabs. One bottle is still good for 1 month use.

The new PW EX is not double boxed as in the old version, but its box is sealed with a plastic cover along with a seal of freshness at the side.

Shierakku, Karunaubarou, Collagen Reduction Maltose Starch Syrup, Yeast Extract , Dekisutorin, Astaxanthin Content Blunder Tokokkasu Alga Extract, The end of Pigeon Wheat, Vitamin C, Cellulose, Sucrose ester, Enzyme processing HESUPE lysine, Colorant, Thickening Agent, 380mg GLUTATHIONE, 1000mg Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Alpha Lipolic acid, Licorice extract.

6 tablets a day in 3 equally divided dose

Please note that Shiseido PureWhite EX DOES CONTAIN Reduced Glutathione in Yeast Essence (酵母エキス) in the ingredients list). This is not being marketed by Shiseido as a Glutathione supplement, but it DOES contain Glutathione.

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Shiseido Pure White

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